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Below are our 2019 Examination fees. All prices are in New Zealand dollars and include GST tax. At the bottom of this page you will find a link to the price lists in PDF format as well.

Examination Fees for 2019

Introductory Jazz — Levels One and Two: $60.00
Introductory Jazz — Levels Three and Four: $65.00
Introductory Jazz — Level Five: $70.00

Elementary Jazz — Level One: $80.00
Elementary Jazz — Level Two: $85.00
Elementary Jazz — Level Three: $90.00

Intermediate Jazz — Level One: $115.00
Intermediate Jazz — Level Two: $120.00
Intermediate Jazz — Level Three: $125.00

Advanced Jazz — Level One: $145.00
Advanced Jazz — Level Two: $155.00
Advanced Jazz — Solo: $155.00

Junior Teaching Certificate: $250.00
Intermediate Teaching Certificate: $275.00

Introductory Tap — Level One: $60.00
Introductory Tap — Level Two: $65.00
Introductory Tap — Level Three: $75.00
Tap — Level Four: $85.00
Tap — Level Five: $100.00
Tap — Level Six: $110.00
Tap — Level Seven: $125.00
Tap — Level Eight: $140.00

All fees are inclusive of GST

Note: Examination Results – An examiner’s decision is final and correspondence will not be entered into regarding any result. 

Download Examination Fee Price List for 2019

The Examiner’s Requirements

  1. Contact the examiner prior to your examinations to discuss their food requirements.
  2. Inform the examiner what arrangements you have in place for transporting her from Hotel to examination venue.
  3. It is important to provide the examiner with a sturdy table and a comfortable chair of suitable height.
  4. A heater must be supplied.
  5. Always put a glass of water on the table.
  6. Mirrors must be covered.
  7. All music operators must be out of sight of the students during examinations.

Forms for teachers

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“The small child at dancing class may never become a professional dancer – but the courtesies and disciplines, as well as the joy in movement, will touch her forever.”

HELEN THOMSON, b 1943 January 2, 2017